A scientist has an important message about endangered animals on remote islands. So she animated it.

When humans get involved, everything changes at 3:46…
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Animator Jilli Rose tells the story of Nick Holmes, the science director of Island Conservation, an organization that removes invasive species on remote islands to prevent animals from going extinct.

As a child, Nick loved adventures. He’d play at the creek, the beach and the headlands. To him, nothing made more sense than being outside among the natural world.

When he grew older, he learned the early explorers, who traveled to remote places that had never had human contact. He wanted to experience this himself, so he traveled to remote islands that had never seen true predatory mammals.

Those isolated places were all about birds. Birds had arrived, lost flight and evolved into different niches — taking the place of browsing animals elsewhere in the world. Or they evolved into different types of songbirds, in concert with the various flowers, providing a remarkable breadth of diversity.

Nick loved it and felt like he was in another world.

But the arrival of human, who introduced cats, rats and mongoose, changed all that.

There’s nothing more persistent and voracious as a rat. When Nick sees what they’re capable of, he has nothing but respect for how efficient they are at killing and changing everything. They eat seeds, lizards, invertebrates, birds, eggs — there’s nothing a rat won’t try.

They’re also hyper-intelligent — they learn and breed quickly. So native birds, who evolved in a complete absence of these types of predators, don’t survive. And so when they come in contact, there’s no competition. They’re eaten — plain and simple.

Through Island Conservation, Nick is trying to do things to make the rest of the world take notice and feel optimistic. He’s giving threatened animals who are at risk of going extinct, an opportunity to survive. And that’s what gives him hope.

Nick Holmes earned his Ph.D from the University of Tasmania, Australia, working with the Australian Antarctic Division to develop best-practice guidelines for managing human impacts to seabirds in the subantarctic. He also managed the Kaua’i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project at the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, University of Hawai’i, developing and implementing recovery actions for Newell’s Shearwaters, Hawai’ian Petrels and Band-rumped Storm-petrels.

Used with permission from Jilli Rose and Island Conservation. Learn more at http://omele.to/2pMDyz7 and http://omele.to/2qKspf9.

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A young couple reveals their deepest, darkest secrets to each other. Then, she drops a truth bomb.

She breaks down in tears at 3:51…
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Filmmaker Phinehas Hodges tells the story of Kate and Ben, a young couple who plays a game to come clean on embarrassing secrets.

It starts innocently enough. Kate tells him she used to throw away her high school boyfriend’s embarrassing clothes. When he’d ask her about it, she would pretend not to know, then help him look for it.

Ben asks if Kate threw away his Crocs. She pauses, then swears she didn’t.

Ben then reveals when he sees an obese person in a wheelchair, he has thoughts of killing himself instead of letting himself get so fat. Kate doesn’t think it’s that bad. In fact, she admits she harbors those same thoughts, too.

Then, she begins to wonder what other messed up thoughts people carry in their minds.

She tells Ben she loves the smell of her dirty underwear — and she picks them up to sniff when nobody’s looking. Ben jokingly judges her, and as punishment, Kate makes him tell another secret.

He does. He says the best sex he had with his ex-girlfriend was a time he fantasized about her sister.

Kate continues and tells him she used to lie all the time as a kid. She’d lie for no reason. If a car was blue, she’d say red. Or she’d tell people her name was something different.

Ben brushes it off as just being a kid. But then, Kate then begins to break down. She says she needs to tell him everything, which freaks him out a bit. He sits up.

Kate says when they first met, she lied about liking the “The Godfather.” She also cares that Ben is still friends with his ex-girlfriend. Then, she admits she threw away his Crocs.

Before Ben can take it all in, Kate says she got an abortion last week. He’s in shock, but can’t tell if she’s serious or lying.

Kate then reveals she was sexually assaulted by her foster-brother when she was eight. He said they were playing a game, but when she resisted, he continued. It took her a long time to allow someone to touch her without jumping.

Ben tries to calm Kate down. But she begins to panic, telling him not to touch her before storming out. Ben calls her but she doesn’t pick up.

The next morning Kate texts him and they meet up to talk.

Finally, Ben shows a vulnerable side, telling her his secret is that he doesn’t have any secrets. He’s boring and he worries she’ll realize it and leave him. Then, he tells her he loves her.

Kate says she’s scared he’ll leave her, too. She feels she doesn’t deserve him.

Amid the empty coffee shop, they share an embrace and then a kiss.

Used with permission from Phinehas Hodges. Learn more at http://omele.to/2uFKg8w and http://omele.to/2hOvrjd.

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A mom buys a ‘robot nanny’ to care for her bullied son. But then, he feels a chill to the bone.

There’s a shocking twist at 11:04…
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Filmmaker Ariel Martin tells the story of the iMom, a humanoid robot who transforms the way parents raise their kids.

In the not-too-distant future, an infomercial touts the iMom — she cooks, she cleans, she’s the first fully-functional mother substitute.

As Catherine talks on the phone while getting ready for a party, her son Sam does bible study homework in the kitchen. As a chicken thaws, Catherine mentions that Sam is being bullied in school. She tries to get him to open up, but it’s obvious she’s more interested in texting. The gap in their relationship is obvious.

Catherine leaves Sam to iMom, but he doesn’t want her. He complains that her cooking is awful. But Catherine, unaware of his pleas for affection, says she’s downloaded new recipes and asks him to give her another chance.

On the way out, Catherine tells iMom to prepare dinner for 8 p.m. In the background, an infomercial continues to tout iMom.

Now home alone, iMom asks Sam if he wants to read his homework to her. When he answers no, she ominously recites Matthew 7:15: “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly, they are raving wolves.”

Sam finishes the verse and they have a brief moment of connection. She tries to get him to open up about the bullying and reminds him of a meeting with the teachers tomorrow. Instead, he gets upset and walks off.

The baby begins to cry and iMom goes to comfort her as a thunderstorm rages outside.

Suddenly, a surge of electricity knocks out all the appliances, including iMom, in the house. She reboots and goes to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Meanwhile, Sam goes back to his homework, unaware of the short-circuit. As iMom turns on the stove, a larger surge knocks out the power.

Sam is scared and iMom gives him a hug, reassuring him that the lights will be back at any moment.

When Sam notices another iMom on TV, he suggests she wear some lipstick. He gets some and applies it to her. Then, she gives him a small kiss.

Sam apologizes for his earlier comments and iMom goes to check on the baby. Then, she returns to ask Sam if he is a wolf or a sheep. He points to the sheep. Then, before iMom answers, we look into the crib and see the chicken.

Used with permission from Ariel Martin. Learn more at http://omele.to/2tOqnk7.

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She went on a blind date and the guy told racist jokes. Now watch a black man turn the tables.

Don’t miss the twist at 4:04…
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Filmmaker Rory Uphold tells the story of Andy, a socially-conscious woman on a first date with Jake.

The date starts off well, and they both have a sense of humor. Andy jokes about her figure while eating a plate of ribs. When the waitress mentions the ribs “fall off the bone and melts in the mouth,” she adds a well-timed “that’s what she said.”

Jake begins to feel comfortable with Andy and has the courage to tell more provocative jokes. He starts by talking religion and works his way up to Jesus. Andy laughs.

Finally, Jake asks how people know Adam and Eve weren’t black. When the punchline hits, Andy takes offense to the stereotype.

An awkward silence.

Jake think the joke is dinner appropriate, considering she ordered ribs. But Andy calls it a racist joke.

Jake tries to smooth it over and Andy let’s it slide. But then, Jake makes one more joke about his shadow being black and Andy gets upset.

The bill comes and Andy insists on going dutch. She tell him there won’t be a second date and they hurriedly leave the restaurant.

Outside, a black man approaches Andy. She tells him she doesn’t have any money to give him. But he says he’s not asking for money — his Uber dropped him off at the wrong place and he’s looking for directions to his DJ gig.

Andy is speechless.

Jake has been listening and steps in to give directions. Then, he turns to Andy, gives her one last look and leaves.

Used with permission from Rory Uphold. Learn more at http://omele.to/2upzcOD.

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17 Recently Extinct Animals

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10 – Not for sale…
It seems the fight against Rhino poaching is getting more and more difficult. It won’t be long before we are showing our children images of all rhinos, trying to explain these beautiful creatures. Already the rarest of the rhinos, the West African black rhinoceros, is officially extinct. You used to find hundreds of them in Africa, and now none – not even in captivity.

9 – When you’re dead, you’re dead…
There’s no coming back! It was 2012 that the very last Pinta Island Tortoise sadly passed away. This is totally blamed on humans and their hunting. Apparently, they were hunted for food during the 19th century, and when goats were introduced on the island in the 50’s, the tortoises’ natural habitat was ruined. People tried to conserve the tortoise, but their efforts failed and they were left with one. Lonesome George mated with others, but their eggs were never fertile. He died in 2012.

8 – Forever in our memory…
These Zanzibar leopards were found mostly in the Tanzania state of Australia. They were excellent predators and people were actually afraid of them. It was believed that witches would use the leopards to go and harass or harm the villagers, and the leopards became demonized. They were hunted intensely, and by 1997 – considered extinct.

7 – It’s finally official…
Considering this Caribbean Monk Seal was only declared extinct in 2008, you may be surprised to have never seen one before. That’s probably because the last time one was actually seen alive was in 1952. Scientists were once again reluctant to call it, and were hoping to find more. They were hunted excessively for their blubber during the 17 and 1800’s. This seal had a nasal mite, which is now also extinct.

6 – Picture perfect…
And that’s the only way this Ivory-billed Woodpecker will ever be. Because you can never, ever see one in real life again. Major habitat loss is the main reason why they’re no longer around, and some sites report the last official siting to be 1940. At one stage, there was a reward of $10 000.00 for anyone with information on these birds, but no one came forward with anything.

5 – Gone but not forgotten…
The Baiji dolphin also known as the Yangtze River Dolphin was still recently listed on the critically endangered list, but it’s now been said they are officially extinct. Scientists traveled up and down the river for 2000 miles, using underwater microphones and optical instruments to detect the dolphin. There was thought to be a sighting in 2002, but it wasn’t conclusive. The demise of this beautiful dolphin is blamed on overfishing, pollution, poaching, habitat loss and excessive boat traffic.

4 – Another one gone…
The Black-Faced Honeycreeper was a native bird in Hawaii, but partly thanks to the introduction of animals like pigs, cats and rats – havoc was wreaked on the eco-system over the past few centuries. That’s the reason given for the demise of this bird. The last one known to man, died in 2004 and none have been seen since.

3 – No longer in flight…
This beautiful animal is the Madeiran large white, with the purest white wings and black tips. Sadly, the last one collected was in 1977, and although searched for extensively in the 80’s and 90’s, never found. It’s thought to be the result of a virus, and has officially been declared extinct.

2 – Good as gone
This “salmonid” fish is called the Blackfin Cisco, and they used to be plentiful in the Great Lakes. Its dwindling population is because of overfishing and the invasion of species like the Rainbow Smelt, the Alewife and a type of sea lamprey. They have been considered extinct since 1996 and the last one seen was in Lake Michigan in 1969. However, there was one thought to be seen in 2006, so who knows – perhaps there are more.

1 – Never coming back…
Our last extinct animal on our list is from Australia. It’s the Lesser Stick Nest Rat, and it used to make the most incredible nests using sticks, with some reaching as high as 9-feet. It’s been said they tasted pretty good, and they were quite trusting of humans – which didn’t help the little guy at all. They were last documented on film in 1933, but in 1970 there was also a trusted sighting.

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Rare footage of extinct animals

I dare you to watch this and not get the feels. Rare and moving footage of six extinct animals taken before they were wiped out. It also features an eye watering list of every animal and plant that has gone extinct since 1900.

1. Heath Hen – Extinct 1932

Heath hens in courtship rituals at the island of Martha’s Vineyard in 1926 or 1927. This is the only known surviving footage of the heath hen. The film was made seven years before the bird went extinct due to mass hunting.

2. Thylacine – Extinct 1936

The thylacine was the largest known carnivorous marsupial, also known as the Tasmanian tiger or the Tasmanian wolf. It was native to Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. It became extinct due to hunting, disease, dogs and habitat loss.

3. Laysan Crake – Extinct 1944

The Laysan crake was a flightless bird from the Hawaiian Islands. It was wiped out in 1944 by habitat loss and war.

4. Golden Toad – Extinct 1989

The golden toad was last sighted in 1989 in Costa Rica, and is now believed to be extinct. This toad displays extreme sexual dimorphism – large size and appearance differences between the sexes. It died out due to habitat loss and a fungus disease.

5. Baiji Dolphin – Extinct 2006

The Baiji Dolphin’s extinction is somewhat in dispute. A film taken in 2007 was tentatively verified as showing the Baiji Dolphin, however, it has not been seen since and has been declared functionally extinct. It vanished due to overfishing.

6. Western Black Rhino – Extinct 2011

The Western Black Rhino was found mostly in Cameroon, Africa, and was believed to be genetically different to other subspecies. During the 1900s it was the most common species of rhino. It was wiped out do to poaching.

Animals/plants Extinct since 1900

1901 – Pig-footed bandicoot
1902 – Rocky Mountain locust
1905 – Honshu wolf
1909 – Tarpan
1910 – Usambara annone (tree)
1911 – Newfoundland wolf
1914 – Passenger pigeon
1918 – Carolina parakeet
1924 – California grizzly bear
1925 – Kenai Peninsula wolf
1930 – Darwin’s rice rat
1932 – Heath hen
1933 – Cry pansy (plant)
1934 – Indefatigable Galapagos mouse
1935 – Desert rat-kangaroo
1935 – Mogollon mountain wolf, Southern Rocky Mountains wolf
1936 – Thylacine
1937 – Bali tiger
1938 – Radula visiniaca (a species of liverwort)
1939 – Toolache wallaby
1940 – Cascade mountain wolf
1942 – Texas wolf
1942 – Barbary lion
1952 – Caribbean monk seal
1952 – Bernard’s wolf
1956 – Crescent nail-tail wallaby
1962 – Red-bellied gracile opossum
1965 – Turgid-blossom pearly mussel
1966 – Arabian ostrich
1969 – Mexican grizzly bear
1970 – Caspian tiger
1972 – Mason River myrtle (plant)
1974 – Japanese sea lion
1979 – Javan tiger
1981 – Green-blossom pearlymussel
1985 – Platypus frog
1989 – Golden toad, Atitlan grebe
1990 – Dusky seaside sparrow
1994 – Saint Croix racer, Levuana moth
1997 – Hainan ormosia (a species of legume)
2000 – Pyrenean ibex
2006 – Baiji dolphin
2008 – Liverpool pigeon
2010 – Alaotra grebe
2011 – Eastern cougar
2011 – Western black rhinoceros
2012 – Japanese river otter, Pinta Island tortoise
2013 – Cape Verde giant skink, Formosan clouded leopard, Scioto madtom
2014 – Acalypha wilderi (a species of spurge), Bermuda saw-whet owl

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