A new way on how to make baby bird food formula

How to make baby bird food formula for all birds like parakeets,robins,parrots,sparrows and more.

Use any fruits and veggies you want. But dont add too much sugary fruits or veggies

Wild dandelion leaves are safe for birds and have all the vitamins a bird need, it also helps with tumors and cancers.

Hot peppers are also safe, because it has the right vitamin for them, and birds cannot feel or taste the heat.

More safer and healthier than the cancerous kaytee formula and other pet store bought formula

Also more safer than dog food or cat food because those have salt in it.

The best way to hold and calm a crying baby

Dr. Robert Hamilton, pediatrician, shares his simple, four-step technique on ‘Fox & Friends’
Watch Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck talk about Apple News on Fox Friends.
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how to use liquid silicone to make baby doll mold by brushing way

liquid silicone for head mold making, we will take the real picture for customers’s reference every time to know us better.
Any interest, sample, technical support, picture are available for your reference.
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Special A ep 1 eng subs

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How To Get Your Baby or Child To Eat in Easy Way – Donna The Explorer

Everyday, we always have a hard time to get Donna to eat. She does not want to eat all the meals we give to her. Instead, she asks for junk foods or chocolates or even soft drinks.

Fortunately, I came to discover this wonderful Android App. When she sees the cat eating, she also wants to eat.

I’m so happy now that we can make her eat her meals easily.

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Fastest Way to Burp Your Baby!

Hey guys! This video shows the fastest way to get a burp out of your baby!

Check out my blog!: http://www.msalaugh.wordpress.com

Channel: Marla Aycho
Published: 2014-07-08 15:06:39
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