8 Animals That Could go Extinct in the Wild in 2017

Many animals are at risk of extinctions because of humans. Here are some endangered species that may be gone at the end of 2017.

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In a world of advanced technology and an ever-growing human population many species are at risk of extinction because of man—humans are just one of millions of other living species on Earth and yet we are one of the main causes of many other species dwindling population. Let’s look at some animals that risk being extinct by the end of 2017.
Chinese Alligator
It’s estimated there may only be 120 Chinese Alligators left in the wild—another result of what happens when the world experiences overpopulation in certain regions. About 7,000 years ago, the Chinese Alligator population would have been rather abundant because who in their right minds would want to live in the lower Yangtze River, which was once part of extensive floodplain marshes, lakes and seasonal wetlands.
The world’s fastest creature may be up against a race that even it can’t beat—extinction. It’s estimated that the cheetah populations numbers have declined dramatically recently leaving only about 7,100 left in the wild. While, that number may not seem like much to raise concern over that number was double what it is now in 1975.
African Grey Parrot
You’re probably wondering how this cute little bird that is amazingly adept at mimicking human speech made the list—it turns out that the pet that’s been a common household member is declining rapidly in the wild. The African grey parrot species used to be seen all over the forests of West and Central Africa but have almost entirely disappeared in Ghana.
Mountain Gorillas
You would think that the mountain gorilla—a native to the mountains of Virunga in Africa would be safe from humans, often living in forests that reach elevations of 8,000 to 13,000 feet. Sadly, even this species population has been affected by humans. The Democratic Republic of Congo, which Virunga is part of is known for its years of war and strife and the animals of the area have been widely affected by not only war but human contact as well.
Hawksbill Sea Turtle
The hawksbill sea turtle never seems to catch a break—from birth they’re expected to trek from their newly hatched egg burrowed in the sands near the ocean, which doesn’t seem like a difficult trek until you factor in the predatory seagulls that circle above waiting for an easy meal. If you think that the only reason the hawksbill sea turtle is endangered is because many of the babies don’t make it to the ocean you would be wrong though.
Cave Squeaker Frog
The cave squeaker frog doesn’t look like much more than a tiny red mucus covered amphibian—but it’s an important discovery in the amphibian world. The cave squeaker frog had been thought of as being completely extinct. There actually hadn’t been a sighting for 54 years up until two months ago.
The enchanting vaquita is also the rarest marine mammal found in the ocean—with a population of less than 60 left today. The porpoise wasn’t discovered until 1958 and just 10 years ago, there were still approximately 600 vaquitas swimming in the ocean.
Northern White Rhino
The subspecies of the white rhino is down to its last three known individuals—none of which can have children. The two females, a mother-daughter pair named Najin and Fatu are unable to bear young leaving our last hopes in the hands of Sudan, the very last male from the northern white rhino line. He’s also 43 years old.
This list of endangered species is an important thing to take note of—you can educate yourself of animals possibly endangered in your area that you may be able to help protect and save. These animals have a chance to survive if people are informed and passionate about conservation—so what are some endangered species that we may have missed that you hope can survive well past the year 2017? Feel free to tell us why they’re important and what we can do to protect them in the comments!

10 Animals With Amazing Superpowers

We do have a lot of unique and interesting animals on our earth, but these creatures in nature can do some bizarre and strange tricks.

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman… or, wait never mind it’s just a bunch of animals in nature that can do some bizarre and strange tricks confounding even the most intelligent of our species. Today’s list will feature animals with amazing superpowers like you’ve never seen before.
Bombardier Beetle AKA: The Stink Bug
It sounds bizarre that one tiny bug should be given such stinky power, especially if that power unleashes the ability to spray super smelly chemicals out of your bum as a defensive strategy. That’s one super power most people wouldn’t wish upon themselves but sometimes nature has weird ways of protecting its tiny creatures from evil foes.
The Archerfish is unlike most other fish in the sea because it likes a good challenge—including hunting insects not in its own habitat but the ones that survive on land. If that isn’t making you scratch your head in confusion then its strange hunting techniques may do so.
Bdelloid Rotifers
The Bdelloid Rotifiers are a true scientific mystery—able to survive the last 80 million years without reproducing once, since they’re asexual and all female, but people still wonder how did they do it?
Exploding Ants
There’s a special kind of carpenter ant that you can find in Malaysia and Brunei that has a unique ability—unlike it’s other ant friends it’s not the bite that burns, but its explosive body that it uses as a defense strategy. It’s kind of like nature’s tiny little suicide bombers.
Scaly-Foot Gastropod
Yes, the name of this deep sea snail that dwells in the Indian Ocean probably sounds pretty harmless—maybe, even comical but when you realize it’s as strong as Colossus from X-Men you may quickly change your mind. Now, if we remember anything about Colossus we know that he was a mutant with the ability to transform his entire body into a form of organic steel—and the Scaly-Foot Gastropod can do this but with his shell acting as his metal defensive shield made entirely out of iron.
Philippine Tarsier
Meet the adorable Tarsier, equipped with the world’s best night vision. It’s also known as one of the world’s smallest primates—measuring no larger than a human hand. Its gigantic eyes make up for its tiny size and also help make it one of the best night hunters. Unfortunately, the eyes are fixed and unable to move like our own, but it can turn its head 180 degrees and has ears that can pick up distant sounds.
Borneo Hills Ninja Slug
Sometimes, like in the case of the Borneo Hills Ninja Slug nature just doesn’t provide you with good looks to attract potential mates, but what it does give you to make up for that flaw could potentially be better. The cupid-like lover of all becomes a force of nature and infatuation by using its love darts. If you want some real life love potion then try finding a few of these ninja slugs in the mountains of Malaysia to reveal their secret weapon.
They might look cute and prickly like a hedgehog combined with an anteater—but this is one of the only surviving members, besides the platypus of the monotreme family. Monotremes are egg-laying mammals. It turns out the superpower that these adorable animals wield may help us learn more about the past.
Dogs are man’s best friend do they really need any other type of superpower to put them on this list? Well yes, some dogs were bred entirely because of their ability to have a keen sense of smell. The Bloodhound is a great example of this.
Sloths are never given enough credit—and are considered lazy creatures that like to hang out in trees all day, but sloths have quite a few unique abilities that might make you reconsider everything you’ve ever thought about them.
There are so many unique and interesting animals in the world that quite often have to evolve and adapt as a way to survive in their environment—what are some of your favorite animal superpowers that we may have missed? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments!

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8 Alien Encounters Hidden By Officials

Alien and UFO sightings go many years back but if such an extraterrestrial life would exist, wouldn’t the government have in informed us by now?

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Aliens and UFO sightings have bewildered citizens since the 1940’s, but if there is such a thing as extraterrestrial life wouldn’t the government have informed us by now? After all if we can handle technology like smart cars and Pizzazz oven can’t we handle the possibility of alien life forms? Whether you believe it or not let’s take a look at these alien encounters hidden by the government.
The James Lumley Case of 1865
We may think that UFOs didn’t existent pre-Roswell but we would be wrong because there are thousands of letters and notes circulating that describe similar cases of witnesses seeing UFOs just as they are today even before the invention of airplanes.
Roswell is still probably one of the most important keys to understanding whether or not the government is hiding evidence of alien life—in 1947 a press release informed people that a “flying disk had been recovered”. This would be what we would coin later as an unidentified flying object, or UFO that had crashed near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. Citizens quickly believed the story was just a weather balloon that had crashed—meanwhile the 509th Operations Group had discovered a second area with debris, and it’s this second area that would become important.
NASA Astronauts UFO Sightings
It wasn’t uncommon for astronauts to see something following them as if watching them in space—but it was NASA who would often have to censor the conversations between ground control and the astronauts in space. What exactly were they censoring?
UFOs in Lithuania
People in the 90’s were beginning to not be complacent with the government hiding important information—they wanted to know what was going on and so the CIA decided to release reports under the Freedom of Information Act. This is the first report of the files that would reveal unknown UFO sightings and alien encounters never seen by the public.
Rendlesham Forest
To some people this is known as the “Roswell incident” of Britain, and it’s with great care that the government kept these UFO sightings under wraps. On December 28, 1980 at around 3 a.m. a group of men with colonel Charles Holt taking lead of the patrol, would go out into the forest and follow an unidentified object through the forest. They noticed glowing red and blue lights and as they grew closer the object would hover in the air eventually picking up a “phenomenal” speed and flying past a farmhouse making the animals nearby skittish.
Turkey Twitter Cover-Up
The government would have never guessed how mainstream the internet and social media would have become when UFO sightings first began, and that’s why the Turkey Twitter UFO cover-up is such an important part of our modern culture.
NASA International Space Station Feed
It’s probably not unusual to think that there’s some UFO’s flying around the galaxy that NASA’s International Space Station Feed may be able to get a glimpse of every once in a great while—but what is unusual is that if something comes into the camera’s viewpoint that seems to be unwanted a message will be displayed on the screen.
UFO Hacker
It’s not a shock to learn that governments likes to keep some things secret. One British hacker discovered a secret about our government that even they weren’t prepared for: a flaw in cyber security.
Some government officials have openly stated that they think UFO evidence is being kept secret and the more cover-ups we discover—the more citizens may question why we aren’t being let in on the secret. What incredible alien encounter stories have you heard that haven’t always been public knowledge? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 Secret Hidden Rivers And Lakes

There are a lot of fascinating things on our earth but these underground or hidden lakes and rivers are mysterious nature discoveries.

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Some of the most fascinating things in nature are underground rivers and lakes. Well you don’t hear about them often scientists are very interested in such mysterious bodies of water. Many of these places May be a look into the microbial past of this planet and may even offer us some insight on the possibility of life on other planets with subterranean or subglacial bodies of water. Here we will look at some of the coolest underground rivers and lakes around the world.

Dragons Breath Cave

Let’s start with the largest and the best named underground lake in the world. The dragon’s breath Cave of Namibia. Despite its massive size it was only just discovered in 1986. as a hiker was passing by a hole near the Kalahari Desert he looked down into the black abyss and felt a humid Rush of air. Curious as to what could cause such a moist Breeze the hiker decided to descend into the darkness like it was the beginning of a straight to video horror movie. the first drop was 16 ft , next was 22, the next 39, and the final was 120 ft.

Camuy River

When it comes to Rivers there are many man-made ones but we’re going to try to stick to the naturally occurring rivers around the world. The first one we will visit is the Rio camuy River. The Rio camuy is located in Northwestern Puerto Rico. This area is also home to one of the world’s largest cave systems, camuy River Cave Park. The Rio camuy is the third largest underground river in the world. It was discovered in 1958 and documented in 1973..

The Lost Sea.

Tennessee is home to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges and rivers in the South, but it might come to you as a surprise that is also home to the world’s second-largest non sub glacial underground Lake. This Lake was given the name the Lost Sea by the locals. It was first discovered in 1905 by a young boy who often played in the extensive cave networks between Sweetwater and Madisonville Tennessee.

Cross Cave
Located in the Loz Valley of Slovenia are the Cross Caves. These caves hide one of the most interesting networks of subterranean Lakes And streams in the world. Just over 100 ft under the Southeastern Slovenian Mountain you will find the fur worth largest cave ecosystem in the world. The unique underground environment allows for great biodiversity.

Son Doong Cave

Could you imagine going on a hike and as you reach the top of the next Hill the ground Beneath You began to crumble? That’s exactly what happened to a local Vietnamese man in 1991. The hiker said that as he was walking up a hill he heard a whistling sound and the wind roaring from just beneath him. When the ground began to crumble he noticed a raging River below hidden within a massive cave. this would later be named the Hang Song Doong, one of the largest caves in the world.

Sub Glacial Lakes
Sub glacial lakes. It’s time to take a look at the most interesting hidden bodies of water, the slab glacial lakes. These are lakes that are usually located deep beneath the polar ice caps or under large sheets of ice. These enormous bodies of water have become a main interest inhabitable Earth-like planet.

Lake Vostok

Lake vostok is the largest of Antarctica’s Subterranean Lakes. It’s estimated to about 160 miles in length and 30 miles wide. it is said to be 432 M deep according to sonar. Scientists believe that the lake has been in existence for about 15 million cannot be totally sure. At the moment scientists have had a significant amount of trouble drilling down into the lake. As quickly as they attempt to drill the ice refreezes. To counteract this they have attempted to use kerosene and freon but have contaminated their samples in doing so. There have been very few successful attempts to extract an uncontaminated sample of water from the lake.

Lake Whillians

Now we couldn’t tease you with the potential of microbial life in a sub glacial Lake and leave you with nothing. With so many sub glacial lakes in existence we have had to have cracked at least a few by now and lay quillian’s is one of them. this sub glacial lake is located at the Southeastern edge of the Ross ice shelf on the western.

These have been just a few hidden rivers and lakes from around the world. Hopefully at least once that TLC song pop into your head. let us know some of your favorite hidden bodies of water in the comments below.

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5 Videos of Extinct Animals that May Still Be Alive

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