🐱 Cats and night-time waking | Behaviour guides: Episode four

Does your cat wake you in the night by miaowing, pawing at you in bed or knocking ornaments over?

Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk, but if if you notice any sudden change in your cat’s behaviour, such as crying or miaowing in the night (or day) always take them to the vets first to rule out any physical or medical causes.

Find out more about cat behaviour here: https://www.cats.org.uk/behaviour

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How to introduce cats to dogs

Wondering how to introduce your new cat to your resident dog? Watch our practical guide to make sure that your cat and dog’s first meeting is a positive one.

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Kitten care part two: kittens at home

Find out to choose a kitten and prepare for their arrival. This video explains how to ensure your home is safe and kitten friendly. Tune in next week for part two!

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8 Important Ways Cats Try To Communicate With Us And What They Really Mean

8 things cats do and what they’re trying to tell you when they do it.
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Caring for your cat – keeping indoor cats happy

There are lots of things you can do to keep your indoor cats happy and avoid health and behaviour issues. Here are some practical tips for providing a safe, suitable and stimulating environment for your indoor cat.

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